"Simple Garden Technique Uses Fish to Grow Organic Food 4 Times Faster!"

Aquaponics is a system where plants are grown hydroponically (without soil) while being fed nutrients from fish waste.

This gardening technique uses fish waste to fertilize your garden and grow your food 4 times faster than conventional methods. Not only that, this new method of gardening doesn't use any soil what-so-ever which mean NO WEEDS!

Aquaponics is the combination of Aqua-culture, (raising aquatic animals such as fish), and Hydro-ponics, (growing plants without soil).

It works like this...

Step 1: Start with fish and other plants in water that produce food for worms and other microbes.

Step 2: The worms and other microbes convert the waste to rich nutrients like nitrites.

Step 3: The plants use the nitrites to grow clean, organic produce - this causes growth more than twice the normal growth found in the soil.

Step 4: The plants clean the water from any waste for the fish and other aquatic plants to use.

A pure organic system!

Aquaponics in action...

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