How to build a shed...

Do you want to build a shed or other wood structure easily and inexpensively? 

The key to building a shed or any other project is having the right plans, a list of materials, and the right tools.

# 1 Detailed Plans

If you want to build this shed, the best thing is to start out with a good plan, otherwise you'll be wasting time and money because you'll just end up starting over if it's not done right.

It depends on how detailed you want to get. The image here shows a very detailed plan of shed plans. You may not need to get that detailed but if you start with details like this then at least you can choose to not follow them completely.

Better to have details like this than plans too general.

# 2 List of Materials

Next, you're going to need a COMPLETE list of materials that you will need to do the project.

I looked through the 22 page Gabled Garden Shed and on the second page of these plans was complete list of materials. This is very important because you have to know exactly what you will need to start and finish the project.

Good plans will have a list of lumber you will need as well as all the other materials. I don't know how many times I have had to make a second and third trip to the local hardware store to get yet another item I have forgotten or found out I needed (I try to stop at 3 trips).

The materials list is a must to budgeting the project and completing it.

# 3 The Right Tools

If you have any building skills then you probably have the right tools to do the project. So a list of tools needed is not important to you.

But if you're like me, you can never have enough tools so I can't wait to look at the list of tools needed, just to see if I have an excuse to get another tool.

Most of the time I do and that's just as well but sometimes I a tool listed to complete the project is something I don't have so I "have to get that tool" to get the job done. 

Good plans will always list the tools needed to complete the project correctly.

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I am not that handy with building anything, but I purchased these building plans and I was utterly amazed at how many COMPLETE BUILDING PLANS there were in this package. The plans include plans, materials list, and tools required to build almost anything you could ever imagine on your Homestead. If I can do it, you certainly can do it.

I bought these shed plans and I'm recommending them to you...

Build a shed like this... 

Peter Lind

Chief editor, Homesteadnotes

When I build something it takes me more time to figure things out than it does to actually build the product. That's what makes these plans so unique - they're done for you.