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(This survival food lasts 25 years!)

There are plenty of reasons to have a small cache of survival food stashed somewhere close by. Getting  lost in the wilderness is one thing and a good reason enough. But what about just the normal everyday threats: snowstorms, icestorm, hurricane, tornado, flooding -- there are plenty of natural activities that give you good reason to have a small supply of survival food.

All the survival food has to do is keep you alive (and any other person in your party) for awhile. For how long? Some people tell you to have enough food stocked 6 months to one year. That might be a little accessive. I visited a prepper who had 7 years of food stashed all over the place in his basement - a little overboard I think.

In all reality, you should have enough survival food for a month or two. The limiting factors are: a) shelf life and b) storage space. If you have a survival food with long shelf life and you can store the food and get to it easily, then you could have food on the shelf for years.

Survival Tablets

"These small tablets, when taken at mealtime, can provide enough nutrients and energy to last 30-60 days, enough time to get through almost any emergency. Make sure you have enough Survival Tablets for your family in case of emergency or any survival situation"...

Survival Tablets are a great way to pack food into a small space. They last as long as any other packaged survival food.

This container of survival tablets is for you if...

  • You don't have any survival food. Get some!
  • You don't have a lot of space or you want to better utilize the space you have.
  • You want to keep enough survival food around for years without worrying about the food going bad.
  • You live where natural disasters happen frequently.
  • You are out in the wilderness often.

Survival Tablets - Here's why you should pack these small tablets...

They're small, lightweight, and cost far less than other comparable survival food... 

Feed Many People

Survival tablets are a lot cheaper than other comparable survival foods. You can feed more in your party for less!

Packs Easily

Because they are so small and light you can pack them easily and carry them with you almost anywhere.

Stores Easily

You can fill a small tub with Survival tablets and store them in a small space in your cabin or vehicle until needed.

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Let's get your food supply together so you can move onto the next item in your Survival Plan...

"Survival is about two things - just trying to live as close to the way you do on a normal day in hazardous conditions, (but in this case, you don't want to run out of food). And two, trying to live in the worse conditions you can imagine when you're caught out in the wilderness or somewhere remote."

Survival Tabs were developed more than 30 years ago and were inspired by the early space program. Due to zero gravity in space, American scientists theorized that astronauts might experience difficulty digesting food properly, potentially causing malnourishment. Of great importance was maintaining the astronauts physical functions such as dexterity, stamina, coordination, and mental alertness.

Thus began the search for a food product that would provide the daily nutrition needed to carry out missions, while meeting the tight storage requirements of spacecrafts. By combining high biological value proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids with 100% USRDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals in a delicious chewable tablet, The Survival Tabs provide the best possible nutrition in the smallest possible volume.

Just as the space program has evolved, so has the uses for The Survival Tabs. With a significant 25 year shelf life, The Survival Tabs are ideal for long-term food storage. Because they are packed with vitamins and minerals to help sustain energy and are also lightweight and easy to carry, The Survival Tabs are being used by outdoor enthusiasts, busy professionals, athletes and rescue teams around the globe.

Survival Tablets

Get your Survival Food in order. Get your supply of Survival Tablets today!

One daily serving of 12 tablets contains 240 calories, which gives the body the basic daily nourishment required when the recommended calorie intake cannot be met. 

Flavors are Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch, and Vanilla. They are all GMO-free and Gluten-free.


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