The Tall Garden

Grow 50 plants in this tower - the ultimate small farm!

You don't need any land at all to grow more than 50 plants here!

Look at all the planting spots on this planter. It's very unique - it will grow plants almost anywhere. And see how it rotates; you can easily plant, water, and harvest your produce.

It's a Planter and a Composter

Wouldn't it be nice if this planter also composted it's own organic material so efficienty that it created a "Nutrient Tea" that you could gather?


That's exactly what this High Garden will do, provide some of the richest compost you can find anywhere and it's all found at the bottom of the planter.​

It's the ultimate small farm!

All you need to do is dump your kitchen scraps on the top of the planter. Then, put a few earth worms in and let them go to work. And then just keep the soil moist with water.

You've got yourself a small working farm! And this farm will go almost anywhere! You sure don't need a lot of space like you thought.

Take a look at how the planter works. All the materials travel downward, creating rich, workable soil, and very healthy plants).

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Peter Lind


One of the most common problems people face when they want to Homestead is land. Now with this type of Tall Planter, land is not an issue (animals won't fit in here just yet).

Even if you are starting your Homestead journey in an apartment, this planter can sit outside is about a 2'x2' space. Ideal to get started and keep your garden close at hand.