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The Homestead Quickstart is just the beginning of what it takes to Homestead. Let me show you a few simple things you can do right now that will help you along your Homestead journey. ​I have listed the important topics every Homesteader will need to know:

  • Economics - just how much money does it take to get on the Homestead and stay on the Homestead? We will look at what you have now and what kind of debt you are in. Maybe we can find other ways to change your money situation. Sorry to say, without money you're going to have to find alternatives.
  • Land - you don't have to have any property to Homestead (right away). Yes, eventually you will want your own land, but you surely don't need any to start Homesteading. We discuss land and several ideas that will help you overcome this huge obstacle.
  • Crops - you're going to have to plant the most efficient crops. I always say, "you should never grow lettuce and radishes." Why? Because they aren't going to feed you. If you want to grow them, then sell them. You should spend your time growing the crops with the biggest payoff in calories. You're going to need all the calories you can get and lettuce and radishes just won't cut it.
  • Livestock - like food, you want to spend your time and money only raising the animals that produce the most meat with least time, money and effort raising them. Animals are a lot of work; a full-time job. Don't make mistakes raising the wrong animals.
  • Health - you have to be your own doctor. There are some things you can do now to minimize your risk of injury and steps you can take to improve your health. If your health declines, your chances of making on the Homestead are marginal.
  • Energy - you are going to need several sources of energy and they have to be affordable and efficient. The energy systems you choose depend upon where you live and your resources. 
  • Projects - the fun of the Homestead comes after your chores are done; getting the produce ready for market, the guns and gear ready for hunting, the needlecraft stitches in order.  To spend good time on the Homestead projects all depends upon how well you can organize your time and efforts on what has to be done.

Peter Lind

I'm Peter. I grew up on the homestead, just like my parents, their parents and many of our relatives. Let me tell you, the Homestead life is difficult, but it's also wonderful.  It's early in the morning 'til late at night, every day. You can definitely be successful on the homestead, but you're going to need some help - and that's where Homestead World comes in.

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